Customer Service

Steaks on a Plane

Flying comfortably at 30,000 feet, Matt Moog logged into the plane’s Wi-Fi, settled down to use the Interwebs and sipped on his delightful ginger ale. How do I know he ordered a ginger ale? The scientific study below conducted by the GrubHub research department pretty well sums it up*: *No scientific study was actually done. I make this stuff up See more

Stories from the GrubHub Customer Service Ninjas!

Matt and I sit right in the middle of our Customer Service area. On any given day, we hear some pretty incredible stories, both about our diners and about the Customer Service ninjas that help them.  Some of these stories are touching, some are strange, and honestly, some are just plain bizarre. But one thing’s for sure – these stories are begging See more

New & Sparkly Links to Click

At GrubHub, we’re all about getting things right. In fact, if we were to have a mantra about it, it would be something like, “we’re accurate 99.79% of the time – and always looking at ways to bring that closer to 100%.” But there are the rare instances where our accuracy is less great than it could be. And so we came up with a simple and effective way to creep a little closer to the promised land of perfect accuracy. See more