Product Scoops

Introducing…Track Your Grub

Big day over here. After a long time in the oven, GrubHub is finally ready to serve up the beta version of its newest and most awesome feature suite – finally answering that timeless question, “Where’s my food!?!” Announcing (drumroll, please)…Track Your Grub™ . From here on out, when you order from a Track Your Grub restaurant you’ll receive updates See more

Revamped Android App Programmed to Destroy Hunger, Win Hearts

Revamped Android App Programmed to Destroy Hunger, Win Hearts

This is one of those all-too-common cases on the Internet in which you really only need to read the headline. But if you want to learn why we’re pretty excited about this new app thing and to find out where to get it, read on. See more

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At GrubHub, we’re all about getting things right. In fact, if we were to have a mantra about it, it would be something like, “we’re accurate 99.79% of the time – and always looking at ways to bring that closer to 100%.” But there are the rare instances where our accuracy is less great than it could be. And so we came up with a simple and effective way to creep a little closer to the promised land of perfect accuracy. See more