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  1. Diana Potter
    Diana Potter October 11, 2013 at 5:28 pm |

    I received my food order from Tony Lin’s Restaurant about a half hour ago. Order #42413993. The curry chicken was disgusting–unappetizing to look at and spicy without any actual flavor at all. The eggrolls were sodden and dripping with grease. The rest was OK but not especially good. I called the restaurant to complain–and thought I’d dropped into an episode of Kitchen Nightmares. The woman who answered was defensive and rude. When I told her how bad the curry chicken was, she said, “So why did you order it?” That sort of thing. After she yelled and screeched some more, I finally got her to say she would return the cash for the two really bad items via a delivery man “in a couple of hours.” (I paid cash.) We’ll see. My first order from TL’s some months ago was good. Not so this time. Awful food, awful customer experience.

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