Revamped Android App Programmed to Destroy Hunger, Win Hearts


First things first – click here to get the new app. If you tried the previous version and came away less than enthralled, we think it’s worth your while to give this update a shot. It’s the same app in name only.

So you’re wondering what’s new, eh? The short answer is everything. The long answer is a list that actually tells you what “everything” includes. For the purposes of this blog, we’ll just note that it has all the features you’d expect and hit on a few new highlights:

1. Personalized search results – save your refinements and restaurant preferences.
2. Saved credit cards and past orders.
3. Full integration with Google system search via the quick search box.
4. Speedy reordering – seriously, just a couple of taps.
5. Improved performance – bugs have been zapped, speed increased.
6. Extended support for tablet devices.

See? And now we’ll recommend that you try it out to see that winning sparkle for yourself.

Also, stay tuned. We’re not done with our Android friend. And we haven’t forgotten about our iPhone app, either. In a short amount of time, mere weeks, we should have some more exciting news on the mobile front.

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  1. Doc
    Doc July 24, 2011 at 7:01 pm |

    Can you produce an Android app that can be gotten from your server or anyplace other than the Android market? My droid powered device is unable to access the marketplace due to specific design/software/hardware requirements. Though I prefer Grubhub, the Seamless Web has a Blackberry app that I am able to use whenever the GH site begins to tax my patience and reminds me of droid’s limitations.So I whip out my Blackberry…..

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