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Win $400 in Free Grub Courtesy of HBO® Girls & GrubHub

Hey there. We’ve teamed up with HBO to celebrate the two-part premiere of Girls while offering 10 lucky humans the chance to win $400 in Free Grub. Official rules are on the other side of this link and instructions are right here: Step one: Hop on over to Instagram. Step two: Follow @GrubHub and @girlsHBO on there. Step three: Make See more

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Another Instant-Win Opportunity From GrubHub

Guess who resurrected the Dorm Fridge of Destiny? We did. It’s back and it’s better than ever – spittin’ out instant-winnings like chunks of ice flowin’ from a Frigidaire.

As usual, we’ve got a ton of Free Grub to give away. But this time you could also win a variety of miniature fridges to pack with all sorts of perishable delights. Roasted beets, GrubHub leftovers – whatever. Keep on readin’ to get all the details.

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Appetite for Description: A feast of words – that describe food.

America’s hankerin’ to feast at the banquet-table of untempered indulgence is well documented by words. More specifically, the descriptive words most used to draw eyes, tempt stomachs, and propel us straight to glory. We’ve compiled some data about the heavy Bessies that pack seduction into every vowel…like the sweet sweat of fatback on a hot charcoal grill. Have a look.

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The Melting Pot: Tracking Culinary Diversity Across America

Given this great ole union’s nickname (see: title), it isn’t hard to imagine some of that celebrated inter-mingling of souls we call diversity carry over into the kitchen. Well, leave it to our folks in the Dept. of Data Science to turn to the numbers to figure out where this fabled pot melts a little thicker and yields the heartiest See more