Steaks on a Plane

Flying comfortably at 30,000 feet, Matt Moog logged into the plane’s Wi-Fi, settled down to use the Interwebs and sipped on his delightful ginger ale. How do I know he ordered a ginger ale? The scientific study below conducted by the GrubHub research department pretty well sums it up*:

*No scientific study was actually done. I make this stuff up as I go along.

So here is Matt, flying back on December 31st from a ten day vacation with his family. They have a family tradition of ordering New Year’s dinner for the family from Joe’s Stone Crab, one of their favorite restaurants.

Matt did what any responsible, reasonable and awesome father would in that situation. He ordered them a GrubHub dinner over the plane’s Wi-Fi. Watch out, he’s ordering STEAKS ON A PLANE!

Artist’s rendition of the flight attendant as Matt orders his food. Note the surprise and disbelief.

Matt then realizes that he forgot to mention he was ON A PLANE! Even at 600 mph, his food is going to beat him to his house. So he needs to schedule it for later. Naturally, Matt starts a chat with GrubHub customer service. ON A PLANE! In an unprecedented break with New Year tradition, one of his family members decides they would rather have crab than steak. Let’s see how this all goes down:

Hey there. Thanks for choosing GrubHub. Stay tuned, and one of our fabulous chatters will be with you momentarily.
Matt M: QUESTION: we just placed an order from Joe’s Stone Crab that we would like delivered at 6pm, not 2:30. Can you help us?
Edith G: Hi Matt
Edith G: May I have that order number please?
Matt M: 1*******
Edith G: Thanks. I’ll call the restaurant now. I’ll be just a moment.
Matt M: can you also ask if we can order the Alaskan King Crab entree? I did not see it on Grub Hub but I know they have it.
Edith G: Ok.
Edith G: The restaurant uses a delivery service. That is who I called. The service is calling the restaurant about the entree and will call me right back. Your order has been confirmed for a 6PM delivery.
Matt M: ok. thanks. should I wait? If they can add the king crab we would want to to that and cancel the steak order. If not, just keep as is.
Edith G: Alright. The New York Steak?
Matt M: Yes.
Edith G: Ok.

Edith G: If they have it, we’ll substitute it. If not, we’ll leave your order as is. You don’t have to hold. We’ll send you an email either way.,

I’d like to thank Matt for letting me use his name for this post.

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  1. MadahmG
    MadahmG February 15, 2012 at 1:54 pm |

    Ginger ale…no ice please. Spare the cup :)

  2. Gib
    Gib September 27, 2013 at 2:46 pm |

    I’d prefer Ginger over ginger ale with any meal…and not just at weddings or on a plane. g

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