Why GrubHub.com Loves Tweeting

On Tuesday afternoon around 4 p.m., six tickets landed on my desk for the Chicago White Sox vs. Seattle Mariners game at Cellular Field. With the game starting at 7 p.m., this was kind of a last minute giveaway promotion. But have no fear, Twitter is here. Within minutes of me Tweeting about the baseball tickets, I had people @replying me like crazy for the tickets. One faithful Sox fan even jumped on GrubHub.com to chat up our customer service rep for the tickets. Now if that wasn’t enough, that same Sox fan happens to live right by the stadium on the South Side, and trekked up to our offices on the North Side of town to pick up the tickets and then headed back down south to go to the game. That’s fan loyalty if I ever saw it. 


So what’s the moral of this blog post? If you’re not on Twitter you should be, but don’t do it because Ashton Kutcher or Oprah Winfrey are doing it too. Do it because you can start engaging in conversations with people who have the same shared interests as you. And if you are on Twitter already, we should definitely connect. Here at GrubHub.com we love getting feedback (negative or positive) from our followers about our service and when we can, we like to give away free stuff to reward you for joining in on our conversations in the Twitterverse. You can follow us @grubhub. And I promise, I won’t be spamming you with Tweets like some companies do. We think that’s totally annoying.    


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